Patriots vs. Seahawks Betting Online

The Super Bowl XLIX match-up is a dream game in many different ways. In one corner, you have the New England Patriots, the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady dynasty going for their 4th ring, and the last time to win back to back, more than a decade ago. In the other corner, you have the Seattle Seahawks, with Pete Carroll’s new wave thinking and that dominant defense, looking to repeat as champs themselves. It’s an intriguing game, and it’s predicted to be a close one. For all of these reasons, there’s going to be a huge level of Patriots vs. Seahawks betting online, and numerous ways for you to take part in the fun and action.

Super Bowl Betting Online

The Patriots vs. Seahawks match is truly a dream because of how the two teams stack up. In addition to the above factors, consider that both teams are the number 1 seeds in their conferences. This is the rare game pitting the two best teams. In so many years past, Wild Card teams have won the Super Bowl and advanced through their conferences. Not this year.

The best teams have won out, and are squaring off. Not only that, but Brady leads an offensive-dominant Patriots team. He’s a Hall of Fame quarterback, and that offensive attack is filled with unique game plan elements and wrinkles thanks to Belichick. They also have one of the most singular and unique talents in the league, Rob Gronkowksi.

On the other side of the field, the Seahawks offer up a dominant defense that is the best the league has seen in back to back years since the Chicago Bears of the mid 80s. Once they got healthy in midseason and returned to form, they have absolutely shut down the opposition. With Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Bobby Wagner, to name a few of those key defensive cogs, that’s a frightening unit to go up against.

With a match this great, the Patriots vs. Seahawks betting online is going to be massive, likely pulling in the biggest figures of any Super Bowl ever. As it stands right now, the Patriots are 1.5 point favorites over the Seahawks. In a straight bet, you could take them at -125, or you could take Seattle at +105. The over/under line for the combined points total in the game has been set at 48.5. Of course, those figures will shift by game time, so pay attention to the latest odds before you put your own cash down.

That’s only the start of the options you’ll find though. Some of the most popular choices for Patriots vs. Seahawks betting online will be picking the MVP of the game, and taking part in the hundreds and hundreds of fun and unique prop bets which will be available on nearly any type of scenario imaginable.

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