Super Bowl Betting Line

The Super Bowl betting line is going to determine the fate of literally billions of dollars for millions of people. As the whole country stops to watch the game and gather around the television with their families and closest friends, the money will be moving, not only in the casinos, and the illicit bookies, but in the popular online sports betting sites which are offering up huge opportunities. Take a look at the Patriots vs. Seahawks betting line and current available odds, and see what makes sense for you.

Super Bowl Betting Line

As it stands right now, the New England Patriots are favorites in the game over the Seattle Seahawks by 1.5 points. You could also take New England at -125 in a straight pick, or you could take Seattle at +105. The over under line for the combined points scored in the game is 48 total.

Keep in mind though, a slightly different Super Bowl betting line will be available from service to service. In a different online site, the Patriots are favored by 2 points over the Seahawks, with the odds for a straight pick showing New England at -105, and Seattle at -115. Here, the over/under is at 48.5 points.

Those are slight differences, but as anybody who has bet on sports before knows, that could make all the difference between a win, a loss or a push. So choose wisely, and based upon your personal interests and preferences in the game.

In looking at those figures above, another important factor to keep in mind is that the Super Bowl betting line is going to shift all the way up until kickoff. Depending on which way the money is moving, the line could turn into a pick ‘em, Seattle could even end up a slight favorite, or the Patriots could add a couple of extra points.

So, pay attention to the latest figures and see where the line is moving, as it could become more or less favorable for you depending on who you actually like in the game. If the Patriots end up becoming a larger favorite, for instance, and you’ve liked Seattle all along, then suddenly you get more favorable odds for choosing the team you already wanted to.

Another intriguing factor though will be the live updated Super Bowl betting line. Here, live odds will be updated throughout the game. So, imagine the Seahawks building a 14-0 lead after the first quarter. Suddenly, they’d be huge favorites to win, and you could bet on that, or bet on the big New England comeback to try to win big with some really great odds.

Depending on the outcome of the game, on Monday morning more people may be talking about what happened with the Super Bowl betting line than with the game itself.

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