League of Superhero Teams

National Football League (NFL) counts 32 professional football teams. In 1920 the professional football players formed the league called the American Professional Football Association. Later, in 1922 the association acquired its current name. The NFL popularity at that time doesn’t come within miles of its present-day status. A new era of American football began after NFL merged with its rival American Football League (AFL). NFL has gained unbelievable popularity and the members of the league have become popular worldwide.

American football as a national pride

It’s hard to imagine an American who has no idea about football. It’s not surprising, since the final game – the Super Bowl – is practically considered a national holiday. Every year, starting from September and during the next 17 weeks, 32 teams are competing at the sport area for the right to win the Super Bowl. Traditionally the final championship game is played on the first Sunday in February.

You would be surprised, but in the 1920s football was less popular than baseball. The structure of the National League has been constantly changing. But in the 1930s the quality of play greatly increased and large armies of supporters started attending stadiums to enjoy football games. College teams were replaced by professional players, and it was the early NFL that united all football stars.

Winning formula

Initially, the rules of the Championship were different from the present-day ones. The number of games has been regularly changed and only in the 1990s the game schedule became fixed and final. Later the managers made some changes to the schedule, but each team still has 16 regular-season games.

First of all, each team plays three games against the other teams in the division. Then they play against four other teams that passed the first stage. After that a team plays with four teams from other conference, while two games are held at the home stadium and the other two games – at the venue of their rivals. After this stage, each team plays against two other teams in the conference. This schedule is considered the best possible one and has been applied for many years.

After the regular-season, a single-elimination tournament, the so-called playoffs, is held to determine the NFL champion. The best two teams complete in the Super Bowl. All the Americans are looking forward to this event, because the Super Bowl is a combination of an exciting sport event and unforgettable show. The NLF champion receives the first prize – Vince Lombardy Trophy. Every year the best professional football teams are fighting for this trophy. The most Super Bowl trophies belong to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have won the championship six times.

NFL extends boundaries

American football is popular not only in the USA, but on other countries as well. For that reason, the members of organization decided to take an NFL game to the Mexico City (Mexico) in 2005, and in 2007 one of the regular games was played at the Wembley Stadium in London. NFL is not going to stop expanding the championship geography.

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