2015 Super Bowl 49 Betting Odds

The 2015 Super Bowl promises to be a great one. In one corner, you have the Seattle Seahawks, the defending champions, led by Russell Wilson, coach Pete Carroll, and that defense, with guys like Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. In the other corner, you have the New England Patriots, looking to cap off their dynasty with a 4th title, with coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady both seeking to extend their legacies, and players like Rob Gronkowski eager to stamp their place as well.

Superbowl Betting Odds Patriots Seahawks

So what kinds of Super Bowl 49 betting odds are currently available? Here’s a rundown of a huge range of different betting options on the big game.

The best place to start is with the game itself. Keep in mind, these odds are very fluid, they’re changing from day to day based on what kinds of bets are coming in. But right now, you can take the Patriots as the 1.5 point favorites over the Seahawks. In a straight bet, New England is available at -125 and Seattle is available at +105. The over/under line for their combined points scored in the match is set at 48.5. Whether you like the over or under with that figure really depends on which team, and whose style of play, you think wins the game.

You can also bet on the score of the game after the 1st half. At halftime, the Patriots are listed as .5 point favorites, with 24.5 being the over/under line for points scored. You’ll also be able to find odds for the score after each quarter of the game as well.

Here’s where things really start to get fun. One of the most popular options for 2015 Super Bowl 49 betting odds will be choosing the MVP. Tom Brady is the favorite at +150, and if you like the Patriots to win, he’s followed by Rob Gronkowski at +500, LeGarrette Blount at +1,200 and Julian Edelman at +2,000. On the Seahawks, Russell Wilson leads the charge at +350, followed by Marshawn Lynch at +450 and Richard Sherman at +2,000.

Bet on what happens on the 1st official play from the line of scrimmage, with a run play at -220, and a pass play or sack at +180. Bet on whether a touchdown is scored by special teams or defense, with yes at +140, and no at -180.

How will the first points of the game be scored? A Patriots pass TD is at +280, a Patriots rushing TD is +500, a Patriots field goal is +300, and for the Seahawks, those odds are +300, +500, and +320, respectively.

After that, there are betting odds available on just about anything that can happen in the game. Bet on which team wins the coin toss, whether it’s a heads or a tails, and whether the coin toss winner wins the game, all of which are pick ‘em bets. The range is really limitless, and you’ll find Super Bowl 49 betting odds on anything you can dream up.

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