Super Bowl XLIX Betting Online

Super Bowl XLIX Betting Online

Any fan who’s interested in taking part of the huge array of Super Bowl XLIX betting online options is going to have even more fun and excitement than ever this year. There’s always loads of prop bets, novelties, and all kinds of unique ways to get involved, and for 2015, there’s a near endless assortment. Here’s a quick overview of the different ways you’ll be able to get in on the fun with Super Bowl XLIX betting online.

Super Bowl Betting Online

Of course, as with any game, the Super Bowl XLIX betting online will begin with standard bets on the game itself. This includes straight picks, choosing the moneyline, or picks against the spread.

One of the popular prop bets for the Super Bowl will be which player wins the MVP.

You can also bet on literally any type of statistic. How many yards of offense, how many passing yards, how many touchdowns and passing touchdowns, how many catches and yards receiving or rushing in total, or for individual players, and how many turnovers. You can bet on how many penalties there are, the challenges used and whether or not they’re successful, which team scores first and how, which team is leading after each quarter, and so forth.

Want to get even crazier with your Super Bowl 49 betting online? Well, you’re still in luck! Right now there are over/under bets on the lowest temperature during the game, the temperature at kickoff, and whether or not it will snow.

You can bet on how long the national anthem lasts, and even whether the singer forgets or misses at least one word. And as for you can bet on whether or not a player cries during the national anthem. Other crazy novelty bets on Super Bowl XLIX include how many times the announcers say “a certain word”, which sideline reporter is seen first, which coach gets more screen time, and truly, on and on and on from there.

Whether you just want to bet on the game’s outcome or something a little bit more creative, or entirely out there in terms of its uniqueness, there’s no shortage of options, and you’ll be joining the many millions of fellow fans who take part with the Super Bowl XLIX betting online.

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