Where to Bet the Super Bowl Online?

Millions of sports fans are looking to get in on the Super Bowl betting action for the big game on Sunday February 1st, 2015. There are numerous avenues to take if you want the bet Super Bowl 49 online and we have compiled a small list of only the top sportsbooks to bet the big game online. We recommend that you get your deposits into the sportsbook of your choice no later than Saturday night to ensure you are ready to bet Super Bowl XLIX.

Super Bowl Betting Online

If you already know who you are betting for Super Bowl 2015 you can get your bets in right now. We recommend this for a number of reasons however if you are unsure do not wait until the last minute as the lines will surely change by then. The online sportsbooks currently have the Denver Broncos favored to make the Super Bowl. The posted game total for Super Bowl XLIX will surely be high if Denver makes the big game.

Right now at Bovada you can enjoy a 50% deposit bonus when you open a new account. This bonus it up to $500 so if you deposit $500 you get $1000 in your account to be the Super Bowl online with or any other sports you choose. Please look at our recommended Super Bowl online betting sportsbooks page to see what other offers are available by the top online sportsbooks. Sweat the game and not the payout when you win with your Super Bowl wagers.

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